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Blank cards they'll hold on to forever. Made from premium-quality paper and printed in picture-perfect resolution, these folded cards are the perfect complimentary gift for any occasion. I admire the pineaple for the way it's looks like it's standing tall, so golden and wearing its crown with such regal poise. We should all be like a pineapple. King Charles II posed with a pineapple for a painting because it represented wealth.

.: One size: 6.9" × 4.9" (17.5cm × 12.5cm)

  6.9" x 4.9"
Height, cm 17.50
Width (closed), cm 12.50
Width (open), cm 25.00

.: Glossy or matte finish on premium quality paper
.: Print on the outside and inside
.: Use as portrait or landscape card
.: Each card comes with a white envelope

Pineapple Pop Art Blank Cards